For over 20 years, Gary Morais (creator of the PX-12) worked with thousands of individuals and employers to develop the patented, clinically based technology and platform behind the 10Rule suite of tools and services. This work demonstrated an approach that delivers measurable improvement of individuals and their ability to function successfully at work, home and in their communities.

The 10Rule senior executive team is composed of leaders each with at least three decades of experience as serial CEOs and senior executives, and corporate and nonprofit board members. They've worked in a variety of industries, including technology, health care, financial services, insurance, human resources, employee benefits, and benefits technology.

Our Results

Patented Brain-Mapping Science
Decreased Recruiting Time and Costs
Hiring Only Top Talent
Sustainable Increase in Employee Performance
Improving Overall Company Results
Enhancing Employee Quality of Life

Our Clients

Our clients

Our Difference

10Rule cracked the human performance soft skill code with an automated, cloud-based suite of systems that changes the way organizations and talent come together.

The patented (US8651871) PX-12 profile is based on brain-mapping science - a technique first used in a clinical setting to measure each person's cognitive-performance thinking.
Employers use the PX-12's EEOC-compliant results to objectively compare candidate results to the profiles of a company's top performers in specific job categories.
Customized questions for each candidate based upon their specific profile results allow interviewers to ask the most revealing questions and sustainably replicate its top-10-percent-performing talent.
The 10Rule coaching program allows businesses to effortlessly establish performance development plans for current workers based upon results from the PX-12. The underlying premise of 10Rule coaching is the belief you can both measure human beings and help them change the way they think with the correct level of commitment, support and guidance.

Our Senior Executive Team

Chris McSwain

CEO and Co-Founder
McSwain spent 20 years in the employer sector working for Walmart, Whirlpool, General Dynamics, Syngenta and SCANA in human resources, health and well-being, employee productivity and benefits. He is known for creating innovative, groundbreaking and industry-leading solutions for highly-complex business, employee and cultural challenges.

Ken Poletti

Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder
Poletti spent more than three decades in the health, wellness and benefits technologies space. He served in a variety of senior executive roles in his 17 years at Benefitfocus.com where he was the eighth associate. Poletti helped grow the company from a startup to the largest provider of online benefits management software in the industry.

Gary Morais

Morais is a psychotherapist, author, business strategy and transformation consultant, and the creator of the 10Rule workforce performance transformation suite. He brings specific specialties in workforce transformation in the areas of cognitive brain science, talent performance predictive analytics, cognitive big data, workforce performance execution intelligence, health and risk solutions, human thinking data, brain-mapping algorithms, performance analytics and human resource performance execution benchmarking.

Jeff Lamb

National Vice President of Sales and Co-Founder
Lamb is a serial entrepreneur who began his career with IBM. He started Venture System Source, Inc. in 1987 selling midrange and mainframe hardware and software solutions. Lamb next developed AccessPt - one of the nation's first physician portal software solutions providing real time access to clinical systems with a common view over the internet - in 1996. Jeff later formed Apertus, Inc. to return to hardware, network and solution selling to both general industry and the health systems industry.